What you need to know 

Dating back to 1993 Scottsdale Christian Academy has a rich tradition of commissioning short term high school mission trips.


Over the years there have been countless ways we've seen God move within and through our students as they've served around the world.  We gear up for this year's trips with the prayer God continues to use us for His glory.

We pray God uses us to support and encourage ongoing ministries around the world.

We partner with gospel-centered ministries whom God is using in amazing ways. We participate in work that has been established long before we arrive and will continue long after we depart. 

We pray God cultivates our hearts to love and serve the lost and hurting. 

The world is not the way it should be. These trips provide opportunities for students to posture themselves with humility and compassion as they enter into various contexts of brokenness.

We pray we grow deeper in love with Christ. 

Jesus is Lord and Savior of the world. Our trips are designed to help students know Him more deeply and center their lives around His love.


As you review the 2020 trips we ask that you do so with an open mind, 

humble heart, and willingness to serve.  




2020 TRIPS

Eutaw, AL

Dates: March 1 - 6, 2020

Cost: $650

Team Leader: John Williamson



Our team will partner with former MLB baseball player Sam Marsonek in the Eutaw Restoration Projection.  Eutaw is a small town where a third of the population lives below the poverty line.


During this trip students will serve at-risk youth along with various service projects.


The team will be housed at Baseball Country's awesome facilities. 

Video: Alabama 2019 Trip

Nashville, TN

Dates: March 1 - 6, 2020

Cost: $470

Team Leader: Donnie Johnson



Our team will be connected to a diverse network of community organizations that are serving the homeless and low-income families. 

Students will see larger and complex urban issues through the lens of the gospel. Some activities will include guided prayer tours of the city and an urban scavenger hunt. 


Dinners each night will be at different ethnic restaurants.

Video: Nashville 2019 Trip

Ministry Link: City Service Mission

Dangriga, Belize

Dates: March 1 - 7, 2020

Cost: $1250

Team Leader: Cass Henderson



This team will be doing a lot of work with kids! We will be leading events through a local church which will include teaching Bible stories, playing games, and other activities. The team will also be doing various work projects as there is need.

We will work closely with a local minister through the "Dangriga Project" as they look to build their community.

Throughout our trip we will also enjoy the fascinating food and culture of Belize.

Video: Dangriga Project Overview

Pismo Beach, CA

Dates: March 1 - 7, 2020

Cost: $1350

Team Leader: Jane Kay



This coastal California beach town is located near San Luis Obispo.


Taking their global mission experience state-side, HEARTFIRE will be leading our team to this charming town where they will have the incredible opportunity to serve and introduce Jesus Christ to both the children and the elderly of the region through highly relational and interactive projects.

This trip will push students out of their comfort zones as they learn how to declare and demonstrate the gospel. HEARTFIRE leaders will be with us every step of the way as they seek to empowering the next generation of world-changers!

Ministry Link: HEARTFIRE

San Ignacio, Belize

Dates: March 1 - 7, 2020

Cost: $1820

Team Leader: Jeremy Richards



Located between the banks of the Macal and Mopan Rivers in the jungles of Belize lies San Ignacio, a hidden destination permitting access to the incredible Mayan archaeological ruins and tubing caves of the region.


Partnering with La Loma Luz (Light on a Hill) Hospital (a 20-bed mission hospital serving a large catchment area stretching from Belize to Guatemala) our team will have the opportunity to help provide care in HEARTFIRE medical clinics and operating rooms, as well as serve in multiple humanitarian efforts in the surrounding villages. 

Ministry Link: HEARTFIRE

Cuenca, Ecuador

Dates: *Feb 29 - March 8, 2020

Cost: $2100

Team Leader: Al Lorenzi



Cradled at an elevation of 8,400 ft high in the Andes Mountains lies the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca, Ecuador. It is here that many impoverished Ecuadorian and Inca people reside, as well as a rapidly growing population of displaced Venezuelan refugees. 

This non-medical HEARTFIRE team will be meeting critical humanitarian needs through an exciting partnership with ARCO Iglesia Cristiana – an extraordinary 2000-member church bringing the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness through worship, preaching, teaching, and radio ministry as well as relational service opportunities in the surrounding villages

*Because of the departure date this trip is unavailable for varsity basketball and cheer athletes as the schedule conflicts with the state championships.

Ministry Link: HEARTFIRE

Salt Lake City, UT

Dates: March 1 - 6, 2020

Cost: $440

Team Leader: Trent Whitehead



Working with Utah Partnership For Christ has provided one of the longest standing mission trips at SCA. During this week students will learn how to discern and share the true gospel of Christ. 

Our team will spend time engaging members of the LDS community along with partaking in various work projects. 


Our team will partner with local missionary Russ East who has faithfully been serving in Utah for 19 years. 

Ministry Link: Utah Partnership For Christ

Phoenix, AZ (Day Trip)

Dates: March 2 - 6, 2020

Cost: Covered by tuition.

Team Leader: Nick Barker 



God is not only at work around the world, but also here at home. We believe God has placed us in Phoenix to declare and display the gospel here. 

This year's Phoenix Day Trip will not only be service oriented, but will also focus on discovering the work God is already doing within our city, and committing intentional

time to pray for the people within it. 


Video: 2019 PHX Day Trip

Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Dates: March 1 - 8, 2020

Cost: $1550

Team Leader: Mallory Gilbert


Our team will participate in the vibrant neighborhood ministry through a "homestay", spending our nights in the homes of Young Life leaders and their days invested in the local area ministry. They will connect with leaders and club kids through sharing testimonies, devotionals, and worship together.

After the homestay, the team will travel to Pico Escondido to work on different construction projects at the Young Life camp, a place that has been in development and hosting campers since 2001.  The work projects will be hosted by the Pico Escondido Sites and Facilities staff, each of whom who have been impacted by the ministry of Young Life in the DR.

Video: 2019 DR Trip

Ministry Link: Young Life, DR

San Francisco Bay, CA


Dates: March 1 - 6, 2020

Cost: $525

Team Leaders: Kyle & Carly Rudesill



Within the Bay area the homeless population grows daily, as outrageous housing costs box even middle class families out of the housing market. Thousands of people live a paycheck away from the streets as the elderly, immigrant families, and others strive to survive the economics of the city.  Poverty, drugs, underemployment, literacy, AIDS, crime, and violence take a daily toll on the people of San Francisco.


Our team will spend time serving with multiple organizations within Oakland and downtown San Francisco. We will enter into the ongoing work that is already taking place as we seek to learn how to effectually and humbly serve.  

Ministry Link: City Service Mission

Dominican Republic (*Baseball & Softball) 

Dates: **March 1 - 6, 2020

Cost: $1000

Team Leader: Tim Salmon



Our team will be stationed along the southern coast and serving within villages effected by the corrupt sugar cane industry. Throughout these villages homeless and abandoned children are a commonality.

Partnering with SCORE International we'll work with various ministries to serve neglected and orphaned children. This includes providing meals those in need, building and painting projects, and serving at an all girls home ministry. 


*This trip is primarily intended for SCA baseball and softball players. Contact Mr. Barker if you are not a baseball or softball player, but are interested in the trip.

**The departing flight from PHX is a "red eye" that leaves at 2:15 AM on 3/1. 

Ministry Link: SCORE International

Molokai, HI


Dates: March 1 - 8, 2020

Cost: $1600

Team Leader: Chuck Watkins 



This island is home to only 7,200 people, the majority of which are native Hawaiian. With little tourism the majority of island residents live below the poverty line. On the island there is no fast food, no chain stores, and no traffic lights.

Our team will roll up their sleeves as they spend the majority of time each day serving through various work projects (farming, gardening, building). In the evenings there will be opportunities to join in on Young Life activities. 


Disclaimer: be prepared for cold showers!  


Ministry Partner: Young Life, Molokai




Student and parents review, discuss, and pray through the trip options together. 


Student complete the application with their parents.

IMPORTANT: Both the student and parents must know the email address and password used for the application. These function as the login info to access trip information. 

On the application select your top 3 trip preferences.  

9th & 10th graders:

Select at least 2 U.S. trips. 

11th graders: 

Select at least 1 U.S. trip.  

12th graders: 

Select any trips. 


Application deadline: Friday, October 4.



Teams will be selected and published by Friday, October 25.


After teams are published log back into Managed Missions to download waivers, view upcoming dates & deadlines, and make online payments.



The majority of trip info can be found in the team's Managed Missions page. This will become accessible once teams are selected and published.


To access Mananged Missions:


 1) Click the icon below.  

 2) Log in using the same email address and password used for the missions application.

 3) Click on the trip name in the middle of the page (example: "Nashville, TN").

Once logged in you will be able to view the following (as they become available):

Flight Itinerary 

Trip Schedule 

Release Forms 

Trip Balance 


Setting Up Online Payments

Click the icon above for assistance on how to set up and submit online payments. 

Submitting Release Forms 

3 options for form submission:

1) Email to

2) Turn into front office.

3) Turn in at Missions Night.


International Trips

A notarized affidavit and additional travel advisory release is required for international travelers. These documents will be uploaded in Managed Missions.

All international travelers must have valid passports.


10/4    -  Application Due 

10/25  -  Teams Announced 

11/15  -  $200 Deposit Due 

1/10    -  50% of Balance Due 

2/14    -  100% of Balance Due 

2/14    -  All Release Forms & Documentation Due


Missions Night

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

6:30 - 8:30 PM


Missions Webinar 

Monday, October 28, 2019

2 PM

Link to be emailed to parents.